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iPOST offers B2B solutions to its strategic partners in three different packages like Tellus, Trio and Olympia (as mentioned on web site chart) along with optional Services of indemnity (Insurance) coverage, packaging and online billing.





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iPOST offers customers an extensive local reach with global standards of quality services with affordable price along with insurance coverage, packaging and on line billing facility

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    11 - 30 - 2016

    Delivery expectations and how long are we prepared to wait for a parcel based on the nature of the purchase: Distress Purchase – 58% of respondents expect a distress parcel to be delivered same day or within one day Need Purchase – 31.5% were prepared to wait two days, while 29% expect a Need Purchase to be delivered either same day or within one day Really Want Purchase – 8...
  • Switching On Electric Transport for Scottish Businesses

    03 - 28 - 2016

    There are many facets to a green economy and more focus is needed on roads, writes Jerry Stewart, Co-Director of Eagle Couriers, Scotland’s largest independent courier firm A well publicised key objective of the Scottish Government in recent years is to become a low-carbon economy. Alternative energy sources are already seeing investment and while a clean power supply is important, it i...

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